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Mounting Debts? Get an IVA - Individual Voluntary arrangement!

Are your debts spiralling out of control? If so, don’t panic this site can help you find the IVA you need when you need it the most. Just look at the comparison table below and choose the company which suits you best.


Individual Voluntary arrangement

The column below provides a comprehensive list of IVA providers. An IVA can help you take control over your debts by negotiating an agreement with your creditors. However, it will be the IVA Company who will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf so that an agreement which works out for both parties can be arranged. An IVA often involves paying off all of your debts via one monthly payment over the course of approximately five years (this time frame can vary). In some circumstances the interest rate on your debts may even be frozen. Threats of legal action should be halted and the ICA provider will liaise with your creditors. An IVA is an Individual Voluntary arrangement and this type of debt solutions was introduced by the government in the 1980s. While this arrangement can be really helpful in paying off your debts, the debts still remain until they are paid off. IVA applicants usually need two creditors and debts of £15,000.

Compare Individual Voluntary Arrangement Services


Debt Assist 123

Debt Management / IVA £5000 £50 Up to 75% ID may be required. IVA
Debt Assist 123 are a UK-based company that strive to help you to write off up to 70% of your debts! Whether you are a homeowner or not you will still qualify for an IVA with Debt Assist 123, apply online and find out what Debt Assist 123 can offer you.

IVA / Debt Management £15,000 N/A Between 60 - 70% Name, address, work details, credit score, how much debt, partners details. IVA
Find out what debt relief solutions are available to you when you apply online with aim to help you write off 60% off your debt, however you find that can offer you with a Debt Management Plan advice, Trust Deeds and IVAs.

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