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If you have been looking to sell your gold and unwanted valuables you have come to the right place. We compare cash for gold companies in a clear and concise way so that you can find the right company for you.


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Many of us have unwanted jewellery which we may have been given as gifts by friends and family. It sits in a draw and never gets worn and it seems a shame that these valuables can’t be used for anything. Now there is an answer, you can sell your gold. There are numerous cash for gold companies in the UK who are looking for people like you who may have valuables to sell. The process of exchanging your cash for gold could not be easier. Choose a company below and apply online. They will send you an insured gold pack which you will send back to them containing the gold you want to sell. The cash for gold company will offer you are price and if you are happy the money can be in your bank account in no time. If you are not happy with the price offered you your valuables will be returned.

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Cash for Gold

Old, damaged, unhallmarked or unwanted gold jewellery. Cheque or Bank Transfer Free special delivery 10g of 9 carat gold = £70 No Yes Cash for Gold
Use the free designed delivery envelope to sell your gold and they will send you your money via bank transfer or cheque. Getting money for gold has never been simpler. With Ramsdens Got Gold Get Cash you can apply online and quickly receive your free GoldPAk in the post.

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