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Welcome to Bad Credit Loans Now, the site which can help you find a loan even if you have bad credit. Bad Credit Loans Now help you with payday loans, bad credit loans, IVA's, poor credit rating cards and debt management services. The Bad Credit Loans Now website compares bad credit products in an easy to use comparison table.


Loans for people with bad credit - Get a bad credit loan here.

We make it easy for you to compare different bad credit loans. The grid below contains a variety of loans for people with bad credit which are available to almost anyone. There are a variety of different types of bad credit loans available online. Some bad credit loans are secured and others are unsecured. With a secured loan you must offer some sort of asset, usually your house if you are a home loaner as collateral for the security of the loan which you borrow. This means that even if you have bad credit the interest on the loan should be kept relatively low because the lender holds your property as a guarantee they will get their loan back. Unsecured loans are available to people with bad credit but the interest on these loans can be very high in order to cover the lender's risk. If you are taking out a bad credit loan it is important that you think about it carefully. These loans are not cheap and do carry a certain amount of risk with them. If you are considering a secured loan, remember that if the money is not paid back you risk losing your home. If you have assessed your finances and are unsure as to whether or not you can afford a loan it is probably best to avoid bad credit loans. If you are already in debt, more loans are highly unlikely to be able to help you and could worsen your financial situation. Make sure that you compare the details of all of the companies below as their rates will vary. Look out for features such as a credit rebuild facility and make sure that you read the terms and conditions of any loan you consider very thoroughly.

Compare Bad Credit Loans


Purple Payday
Payday Loans

1286.10% £100-£750 1 Week 31 Days 18 or over, in full time employment earning £750 per month. Payment should be within 31 days. All types of borrowers No Payday Loans
Get cash in your bank account today when you apply online with Purple Payday on a weekday before 3pm! Purple Payday has created a QUICK and EASY online application form that takes MINUTES to complete, with no paperwork required! Purple Payday rummage around through a panel of lenders in order to find a loan that will best suit your needs and requirements!
Represententative Example: 1286%; Duration of Agreement: 31 days; Total Charge of Credit: £25; Total Amount Payable: £185

First Choice Capital Resources
Bad Credit loans

53% £100 - £2500 1 Month Up to 24 Months Active credit and/or debit accounts are taken in to consideration by some lenders. All types of borrowers - even those with bad credit history, and CCJs No Bad Credit loans
This bad credit loan expert has created an online application process that is quick and easy to complete, boating to only take a couple of minutes to in total and could result in you having a bad credit unsecured loan with a term of up to 24 months! First Choice Capital Resources is a completely free service and strives to match the right products and services to suit you!
At 53.9 % APR fixed, £3000 borrowed over 36 months payments would be approx £151.19 per month. The total amount to be repaid would be £5442.84.

The Finance Facility
Bad Credit loans

19% £1000-£15000 12 Months 60 Months You must be a resident of the UK to apply Emeregency cash needs for those with poor credit No Bad Credit loans
The Finance Facility has joined up with lenders all over the UK, meaning they are extremely confident that they will be able to find you a loan that suits your wants and needs! When you apply online you are given the option to borrow any amount between £1000-£15000. Apply online today and find out what The Finance Facility can offer you! Total Amount of Credit: £5000.
Representative APR: 19.6%; Duration of Agreement: 60 months; Total Charge of Credit: £2881.60; Total Amount Payable: £7881.60 Address: The Finance Facility, Netherley Road, Prescot, Merseyside, L35 1RG.

12 Month Loans
Bad Credit loans

278% £100-£2500 1 Month 12 Month To be eligible for one of our lenders' loans you need to be over 18, with a permanent job, UK resident and have a UK bank account. All borrowers - even with bad credit history, been refused elsewhere, been blacklisted or have CCJs No Bad Credit loans
12 Months have tailored a service that can get you money FAST regardless of your financial past. 12 Month Loans partner with many of the UK's most reputable payday loan lenders, meaning that they will often be able to match individuals with all credit backgrounds to loans that suit their needs and requirements. Fill out there quick and easy application form to see what 12 Month Loans has to offer you.
For a loan of £500 for 12 months: Monthly Payment - £79.09, Total Amount Payable - £949.01. Total Interest - £449.01, Interest rate - 140%.

The Loan Locator
Bad Credit loans

52% £1000-£25000 1 Month 60 Months You must be 18 years of age or older in order to qualify All borrowers - even with bad credit history, been refused elsewhere, been blacklisted or have CCJs. No Bad Credit loans
The Loan Locator can locate bad credit unsecured loans from lenders all over the country, meaning that they are sure to find a loan that fits your wants and needs! Borrow up to £25000 when you apply online with the Loan Locator! Money can be deposited in your account in as quickly as 48 hours when you fill out their quick and easy application form.
Representative Example: At 53.9% APR fixed, £3,000 borrowed over 36 months payments would be approximately £151.19 per month. The total amount to be repaid would be £5,442.84.

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